Micro Tools

Micro Tools Experience

After 50 years our expertise in Micro Machining and knowledge of Micro Tools is unparalleled. With our extensive list of Micro Tools suppliers including, but not limited to, Kyocera Precision Tools Incorporated (micro drills and end mills),  Harvey Tool (end mills and cutters), UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools (diamond drills and blades), Wolfco Incorporated (diamond and coated drills, abrasive wheels), Atom Precision of America, Inc. (micro drills), and Martindale (saw blades and grinders), we have access to and offer information on a wide range of tooling for any micro machining project.

Whether you are machining materials from Aluminum to Carbide or plastics to glass, we have the knowledge and expertise to help your Micro Machining project succeed.

Please e-mail us your drawings or contact us to discuss your Micro Machining or Micro Tools needs.

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