Sensitive Manual Micro Drill Presses

Cameron Precision Ultra Sensitive Manual Micro Drill Presses

Used in:

Avionics – Electronics Hobby Shops – Clock Making & Repair Jewelry – Medical Laboratories Physics Labs …wherever a precise micro hole is needed!

Cameron precision high-speed super sensitive manual micro table top drill presses have been and continue to be the most useful tools for micro drilling since the first one was made in 1964 by its inventor Bob Cameron. All of Cameron’s sensitive drill machines are dynamically balanced for ultra sensitivity during the drilling process and have an easily adjustable head return spring mechanism that enables the machine operator to adjust the drill press for the maximum in drilling sensitivity when needed. Even after more than 50 years of production, the same standards of quality used then are still used today when building new sensitive manual micro table top, bench top and mill mount drill presses.

Ultimately, the precision, accuracy, and high speeds of our precision super sensitive manual micro table top drill presses is what sets us apart from the competition. Our ultra sensitive precision high-speed micro drill presses have become some of the most sought after tools for any shop. Whether it be for professional use in research and development environments, jewelry and watchmaking, full-scale production or for the simple hobbyist, the name Cameron has become synonymous with the precision and quality required by manufacturers for the newest products of today and the up and coming products of tomorrow.

Cameron Ultra-Sensitive Precision Manual Micro Table Top Drill Presses can be found in many Universities and International Companies within the USA and in many other countries around the world.

Cameron – Enjoying Small-Hole Drilling Success for over 50 years!


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