Cameron 164-CS

The 164 series micro drill press has been discontinued and is no longer available as of January 1st, 2016. We will continue to service our current 164 customers with a complete line of repair and replacement parts including but not limited to motors, belts, brushes, etc. The 164 series has been replaced by the Model 214 line of micro drill presses. If you are interested in purchasing a micro drill press please check out our model 214.

The Cameron 164-CS took the already popular 164 micro drill press and added a collet spindle. Not only can our customers manually drill holes from .125″ down to .002″, but can do it more precisely due to the run out of the spindle being less than 1µm.

Standard Features

  • Single Speed Motor
  • Single Speed Pulley System w/ Flat Belt
  • Variable Speed Controller
  • Drills Small Holes (.002″ to 1/4″)
  • Spindle Run Out at the Collet is within 1 micron (39.37 micro inches)
  • 1/8″ collet
  • Dynamically Balanced Spindles, Pulleys and Motors for smoothness in operation
  • Clear Plastic Safety Guard for viewing belt

These Features of the Model CS will be the same for ALL Manual Series Machines
( Model 164, MD-70, MD-90)

The Collet Spindle allows for even more precisely concentric small holes and with the Precision X-Y table (as shown to the left) allows for some light manual milling.