Cameron MD90 Series Micro Max

The MD90 series micro drill press has been discontinued and is no longer available as of January 1st, 2016. We will continue to service our current MD90 customers with a complete line of repair and replacement parts including but not limited to motors, belts, brushes, etc. The MD90 series has been replaced by the Model 904 line of micro drill presses. If you are interested in purchasing a micro drill press please check out our model 904.

Turn Your Bridgeport-style milling machine into an Ultra-Precision Small-Hole Drilling Platform!

The CAMERON MD90 series Micro Max fits into a 3/4″ collet and has a Special Adapter to lock down the standard 3-3/8″ quill to the 1-7/8″ spindle of your milling machine. This special lock down feature prevents the unit from moving in the spindle while operating the MD90 Micro Max. By combining the CAMERON MD90 series Micro Max with your Standard Milling Machine, you create a Rigid Small-Hole Drilling Unit. And with the OPTIONAL Precision Ground Base you can now convert the MD90 into a table top model – Two Machines in One!

Contact us today to discuss how the Cameron MD90 series Micro Max can benefit your full service shop or garage.


  • MD90-A-1 – Yukiwa 0-5/32″ Key Type Chuck with key
  • MD90-A – Jacobs 0-5/32″ Key Type Chuck with Key
  • MD90-C1 – Albrecht 0-1/8″ Keyless Chucks (Hollow Chuck available)
  • MD90-C2 – Albrecht 0-1/16″ Keyless Chucks (Hollow Chuck available)
  • MD90-C3 – Yukiwa 0-1/8″ Keyless Chuck
  • MD151-7 – Travel Dial Indicator
  • Hollow Spindles for Special Applications
  • MD90-E – Columned Precision Ground Storage Base to Convert Micro Max into a Table Model and for Storing when not in use.
  • MD90-F – Replacement lock down collar.

Standard Features

  • Single Speed Motor
  • Three Step Pulley System for Spindle Speeds of:
    • 9,500rpm  17,000rpm and 30,000rpm
  • Smooth Rack and Pinion Feed
  • Drills Small Holes ( 0.002″ – 5/32″ )
  • Can Drill in to Over sized Parts
  • Spindle Run Out at Mounting Taper is Within 0.0002″
  • J0 Taper (J1 Taper if a 0-1/4″ Chuck is Installed)*
  • Dynamically Balanced Spindle, Pulleys and Motors for smoothness during operation
  • Clear Plastic Safety Guard for viewing Belt and Pulley Position
  • Working Area of Drilling Table is Limited to YOUR Bridgeport Style Milling Machine
  • Made in the USA

* – 0-1/4″ Chuck no longer available on current models