Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories

We maintain an inventory of all part & accessories. We have an in-factory repair shop with quick turnaround times. If you have any questions, or need assistance, please call us at


MD 101-7 Head (complete with bearings)
MD 102-7 Column
MD 102-9 Column for the MD-90 Micro Max
MD 103-7 Table
MD 104-7 Base
MD 105-7 Rack
MD 106-7 Pinion
MD 107-7 Pinion Shaft
MD 108-7 Oil Hole Fitting (Pinion Shaft)
MD 109-7 Spoked Feed Wheel Hub
MD 110-7 Feed Wheel Lever (Threaded)
MD 111-7 Feed Wheel Lever (Grooved)
MD 112-7 Return Spring
MD 113-7 Return Spring Clamp Ring
MD 114-7 Slotted Spring Tension Adjuster
MD 115-7 Spindle (See MD 156-7)
MD 115-7H Hollow Spindle (.093 Diameter)
MD 116-7 Spindle Bearings FACTORY INSTALLED (Send the drill press head ONLY and bearings will be replaced and promptly returned to customer)
MD 117-7 Half Rings for Spindle (Set of 2)
MD 118-7 Half Ring Retainer for Half Ring
MD 119-7 Thrust Bearing Assembly (Spindle Upper)
MD 120-7 Thrust Bearing Assembly (Spindle Lower)
MD 120-A Thrust Bearing Assembly for Motors
MD 121-7 Pulley (Spindle)
MD 122-7 Pulley (Motor)
MD 123-7 Knurled Depth Stop Nuts (Set of 2)
MD 124-7 Depth Stop (Column End Nut Abutment casting)
MD 125-7 Motor Resistor for Two-Speed Motor
MD 126-7 Head Raising Stop Bumper (Resilient Plastic)
MD 127-7 Depth Stop Stem (for Machines w/o Indicator)
MD 128-7 Depth Stop Stem & Indicator Post (for Machines equipped w/Indicator)
MD 129-7 Indicator Adjustment Bracket
MD 130-7 Knurled Clamp Screw for Indicator Bracket
MD 131-7 Column Lock Screw
MD 132-7 Column Lock Screw Pad
MD 133-7 Column Lock Screw Lever
MD 134-7 Table Lock Screw
MD 135-7 Table Lock Screw Thumb Lever
MD 136-7 Motor Mount
MD 137-7 Knurled Lock Screw for Motor Mount Tilter
MD 138-7 Motor Brushes w/Springs (Set of 2)
MD 139-A Brush Holders w/Caps & Connectors (Set of 2)
MD 140-7 Motor Bearings w/Retainers & Oil Felts
MD 141-7 Motor Case Section (Pulley End)
MD 142-7 Motor Case Section (Brush Holder End)
MD 143-7 Armature
MD 144-7 Field Assembly
MD 145-1 Switch for Single-Speed Motor
MD 145-2 Switch for Two-Speed Motor
MD 146-7 Electric Cord
MD 147-1 Motor Single-Speed w/Switch & Cord*
MD 147-2 Motor Two-Speed w/Switch & Cord*
* – (110 Volts AC/DC 0-60 Cycles)
MD 148-7 Screws (Complete Set for Drill Press & Motor)
MD 149-7 Oil Hole Plugs for Drill Press Head (2)
MD 150-7 V-Belt
MD 150-CS Flat Belt  (collet spindle)
MD 151-7 Dial Indicator
MD 152-7 Dial Indicator Attachments
MD153-Y Yukiwa Keytype Chuck 5/32″ capacity
MD 153-7 Jacobs Keytype Chuck 5/32” capacity
MD 154-7 Albrecht Keyless Chuck 0-1/16” capacity
MD 154-TH Albrecht Keyless Chuck Thru Hole 0-1/16”
MD 155-Y Yukiwa Keyless Chuck 0-1/8” capacity
MD 155-7 Albrecht Keyless Chuck 0-1/8” capacity
MD 155-TH Albrecht Keyless Chuck Thru Hole 0-1/8”
MD 156-7 Spindle w/Pulley-Matched and Balanced (Spindles & pulleys bought separately may require balancing for high speed operation)
MD 156-H Hollow Spindle & Pulley-Matched & Balanced
MD 157-7 Safety Guard (Specify model of drill press: 164, MD70, MD90)
MD157-8 Safety Guard Mount Assy
MD157-9 Safety Guard Mount Assy w/ Bracket (for older models w/o tapped mounting post hole)
MD 158-7 Chuck Wedges (for Safe Removal of Chucks)
MD 161-7 Precision Table Column Stop
MD 161-RT Table/Column Lock Retrofit for Existing machine
MD 162-7 Reservoir Base for Series 164 Micro Drills
MD 163-7 Chuck Guard
MD 177-7 Yukiwa / Jacobs Chuck Key 0-5/32”
MD 178-7 Jacobs 1A-1/4” Chuck Key

Motor Repair – call for pricing

Drill Press Repair – call for pricing


Unist Micro Spray System


Download Complete Brochure – (PDF)

XY Table

Exclusively for Model 214

X-Y Table

We have a miniature X-Y table for use on Cameron Micro Drill Presses, or any other small drill press. The function of the X-Y table is to precisely locate holes in two planes ninety degrees to each other and for light milling of intricate shapes in wood. The travel of the slides is 3 1/2″ in the X axis and 2 1/2″ in the Y axis. A small vise is also available to mount on the table for holding the workpiece. The vise can also be supplied with a tilting base that will tilt to ninety degrees. The vise has removable jaws which can be machined for holding small parts. The dials for movement of the table are graduated in .001 of an inch. One revolution of the dial moves the table .050 of an inch. The unit is constructed of aluminum with a hard anodized finish for protection and long wear resistance. There are drilled and tapped holes to attach it to a drill press table, and to attach fixtures or a vise to the table top. A sub plate is available to clamp the table to a larger drill press. The entire unit weighs about 2 lbs.

MD164-7 X-Y Table
MD165-7 1-1/2″ Vise
MD166-7 ‘V’ Jaw
MD167-7 Step Jaw (1/16″ and 1/32″)
MD168-7 Extra Vise Jaws
MD169-7 Stop for Vise
MD170-7 Tilting Base for Vise


Palmgren X-Y Table for MD70

Palmgren X-Y Table

3″ Vise for Palmgren X-Y Table

3" Vise

MD70-T Palmgren X-Y Table
MD70-V 3″ Vise

Variable Speed Controller Model 2A (for Model 164/70/90 Machines only!)

Cameron VSC and Footswitch

The Cameron Variable Speed Controller is compatible with all of the original models of our manual drill presses.

The VSC offers speeds anywhere from 0 to 30,000 RPM when used with our Original Models of Cameron Micro Drill Presses. The dimensions of the VSC is 6-1/4” x 3-3/4” and 2” deep.  There is a switch that has the option of either 240 V. A/C or 120 V. A/C for your electrical requirements.

There is an optional on/off foot switch that is used to turn on and off the drill press once you have set the speed on the variable speed controller.

Download VSC Model 2A Instructions Here – (PDF)

MD159-2A Variable Speed Controller
MD159-FS Foot Switch

Bodine Speed Controller for Model 214

Motor-Controller - for web


Foot Switch for Bodine Speed Controller

Foot-Switch-for-Bodine-Controller - for web


MD159-2B Bodine Speed Controller
MD159-FSB Foot Switch for Bodine Speed Controller