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Proudly Made In The U.S.A. Since 1964

5 Decades of Precision Small Hole Drilling Success!

In 1964, the Cameron family began building the first manual Cameron Micro Drill Presses at the very same location they are produced today. Good things last! It was a family business then, and it stayed that way when Anita and Leo Treat took over in 1988. They were proud to carry on in the company tradition of Cameron, and have continually worked on strengthening the Cameron reputation for designing and building precision micro machine tools.

Today, as it was over 50 years ago, Cameron has a long list of satisfied customers. Some of the more recent of which include customers that are leaders in aerospace & avionics, medical R&D and electronics. These great machines are also used by skilled crafts men and women who use them in the manufacturing and repair of clocks, jewelry making, as well as miniature art. Thousands of manufacturers and artists from across the U.S. and Canada work with a Cameron daily. Our reputation has also brought us Customers from places such as Australia, Jordan, South Africa, Brazil and India (to mention a few).

With the new Century came new requirements for speed, automation and precision milling. Cameron answered that need with the development of their automated line of CNC equipment. We continue to push the envelope with the addition of Tool Changing Capabilities along with increased speeds and accuracy of our Micro CNC Centers.

As popular and needed as automated machining is in today’s manufacturing world the needs and requirements have also change greatly for micro manual machining. To address these needs Cameron has created the “CS” line of manual drill presses which utilizes collet spindles for a much higher accuracy, and answered the call to build a Semi-Automated Z-Axis drill press with our MD70-XZ.

We have come a long way since the creation of the first Cameron Micro Drill Press and we will continue to lead our industry in creating innovative, reliable, highly accurate, and user friendly micro tools for many years to come.

If you are in need of reliable precision Micro Drill Presses or Micro CNC Machining Centers look no further. We have proven for over five decades that You Can Depend On Us!

Proudly Made in the U.S.A Since 1964

My Cameron drill press is always ready to go. I have many hobbies, such as restoring Gilbert Erector sets, Lionel trains and Gottlieb pinball machines. I also use it for small diameter drilling jobs for my car, home repairs, R/C aircraft, etc. You can’t beat the little Cameron for the smaller work.

F. Hachmeyer Aircraft Service Engineer