Model 904 Table Top Drill Press

The CAMERON Model 904 Micro Max precision mill mount drill press is specifically designed to allow micro drilling when attached to a full-sized mill. The column of the Model 904 fits into a 3/4″ collet and has a Special Adapter to lock down the standard 3-3/8″ quill to the 1-7/8″ spindle of your milling machine, allowing you to convert the precision drill press into a mill. This special lock down feature prevents the spindle from turning while operating the Model 904 Micro Max as a precision drilling mill. By combining the CAMERON Model 904 Micro Max Mill Mount Drill Press with your Standard Milling Machine, you create a Rigid Small-Hole Drilling Unit. With the OPTIONAL Precision Ground Base you can now convert the Model 904 Micro Max into a bench top model – Two Machines in One!



  • 1/7th HP heavy duty DC motor
  • Interchangeable spindle with linear sealed bearings for quick and easy spindle change. (No longer needs oiling)
  • Variable speed control unit (5 amp / 115 VAC) maintains speeds from 1000-30,000 rpm.
  • Adapts to a ¾” collet with a special lockdown feature for a standard 3 3/8” quill and 1 7/8” spindle of
    the milling machine.
  • Combining the ultra-precision of the Cameron Micro Max with the X, Y, and Z movements of a milling machine creates endless capabilities in small hole drilling.
  • Overall height is 9 ¾”.
  • Overall width is 7 ¼”. (with dial indicator)
  • Overall depth is 10”.
  • Max spindle feed travel: 1 ¼” (Extended Rack Travel available upon request)
  • Weight of Micro Max with motor and lockdown unit is ~12-lbs.
  • Clear belt safety guard for easy viewing of belt & pulley area
  • Hole Sizes from .002” to 5/32”.

Models available:

  • A-1 Yukiwa 5/32”
  • B-1 Yukiwa 5/32” and ½” Travel Dial Indicator
  • C-3 Yukiwa 0-1/8” Keyless Chuck
  • D-3 Yukiwa 0-1/8” Keyless Chuck and ½” Travel Dial Indicator
  • CS Collet System: 1/8” Collet, VSC, Dial Indicator (1mm Collet version available)


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